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Trucking with Monsey One is your strategy to yield up to six-figure savings as a High Volume Shipper of Heavy Freight.

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Maximize your container payload legally to 55,000 lbs with Monsey One as your Trucking Partner.

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With Monsey One, you ship 25% fewer containers and reduce your Ocean Freight spend.

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How Trucking with Monsey One is a Savings Opportunity for hauling your Heavyweight Ocean Freight Cargo 


What the Steamship Line Tells You

Steamship liners will tell you to limit your container weight to 44,000 lbs or less to remain within "legal" limits. The challenge is that most dense freight won't fill a 40' container at that weight. The actual limit on ocean container weight is the max gross weight listed on the container door-typically 10,000 pounds or more beyond 44,000. So the idea that heavy freight shippers must ship partial containers to stay legal is not accurate. Shippers who abide by the steamship lines guidance end up shipping 25% more containers a year as they fall short on maximum container payload on every shipment.


Why do Steamship Lines provide You With this Guidance?

Because it is in their best interest. They are in the business of moving large volumes of containers in the most efficient way for them. Their "door-to-door" solutions are designed primarily around consumer goods accounting for the majority of ocean freight. Moving heavyweight containers door-to-door requires relationships with specialized trucking companies on both sides of the ocean, with the right equipment and permits required to legally handle these containers and by limiting the container weight they can use standard carriers.


How Much Can You save?

The solution for efficiency on the water is having carriers that can have the Permits to haul heavyweight loads to and from the port without transloading. The cost of a fully loaded versus a partially loaded container will be exactly the same. You will ship approx 25% fewer containers provided you succeed in maxing out your payload per shipment. That is where your savings is accomplished. You may pay more for the specialized trucking equipment, for your non standard drayage hauls, but that cost will prove to be offset by the reduced cost of your ocean freight.


Where Monsey One can Help you Save

In NY/NJ/PA/DE the gross payload limits are over 55,000 lbs via the Port of NJ allowing carriers with the proper overweight permits required to legally transit these containers.

For this strategy to result in savings you need to partner with a local trucking company with the specializing equipment required for your non standard drayage hauls. Monsey One Trucking has the expertise, the specialized equipment and the permits required for these non-standard drayage hauls. Call us today with information on the commodity of your containers and travel distance and we will partner with you to help you save on your shipping costs.



  • Overweight Ocean Borne Container Permits
  • U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier
  • Liquor & Wine License in N.J- N.Y-P.A
  • Registered F.M.C.S.A.
  • Tank Endorsed Drivers
  • Member of U.I.I.A. & I.A.N.A.
  • Member of NMFTA
  • TWIC Certified (Transportation Worker  ID Credential)